© 2019 — Iwan Brioc

Slide "If there's a method in my madness it is that often when I'm working with groups I'm not talking to people in the group, I'm talking to the space between them. That's also what I'm listening to.

There's a whole lot of information about how best to communicate something by tuning in to that frequency."

Slide "In slt there's no fourth wall. The stage is everywhere, including the audience member’s inner world.

In slt the ‘I’ thought can no longer hide behind the illusion of being an objective spectator of events taking place out there. It's exposed as part of the fiction."

Slide "The Theatre of the Oppressed, (TO for short) is a most useful theatre. It's the human equivalent of the Large Hedron Collider.

It's a space to rehearse reality where utopia and dystopia collide and from the fragments can emerge new and endearing insight into our fundamental condition."